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Glorious, hideous, beautiful, repulsive, all of it true. I've been waiting to get her in my hands since the first rough-out sketch/sculpt during the run of Heresy's Kickstarter and she is amazing. From the shear life like texture of her slug hind quarters, the cellulite of her belly and arms, to the insane amount of suckers on her head tentacles, and the rings on her fingers, the amount of detail is astounding. Masterfully crafted. An excellent centerpiece for any demonic army, the boss monster of an extensive table top campaign or just the unquestioned ruler of your display case. She is absolutely worth it in every way. I cannot express that enough. Go buy yours immediately, you'll not regret it once you have her in front of you. Seriously. Get two.
Date Added: 30/09/2016 by Rob Gauthier
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