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Repulsive! Revolting! Hideous! - Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable! - the Madame Ner'Gabba miniature exudes all these superlatives (and many more ...) The detail is just incredible, and until I sat down and really looked at the parts, the sheer 'living' complexity of this miniature wasn't apparent. The miniature comes with a seemingly bewildering array of tentacle and leg parts, but once you've cleaned up the said parts AND REFERRED TO THE ASSEMBLY SEQUENCE ON HERESY'S WEBSITE (that's a very broad hint, it's highly useful and helpful), the actual assembly process is quite painless and the effort involved rewarded with one of THE last words in display/gaming miniatures.
I cannot recommend this miniature enough - the price may seem steep but Madame is worth every single groat spent on her ...
Date Added: 21/02/2017 by VICTOR DOBSON
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