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No personal identity information of any kind is sold to or accessed by any 3rd party from this site with the obvious exception of the 3rd party payment process: Heresy Miniatures ltd only gets to see the information regarding your shipping/billing addresses and what you order. We do not see your card details at any point in the ordering process. All payments are made off-site via Secure Payment through either Paypal or, both of which are integrated into the shopping cart and treat your data with utmost security.


This shopping cart is powered by Zen Cart. Zen Cart requires that the visitor's computer accept a session cookie. This session cookie contains simply the session ID number which identifies the visitor to the store, as separate from other visitors. The session cookie contains no personal identity information, and in itself is thus anonymous as a 3rd-party cannot use anything in the cookie to identify the visitor in any way.
In a traditional configuration, and by definition, this session cookie expires at the end of the visitor's session in the browser, or at a predefined time (typically 24 minutes) after their last "click", whichever is sooner.

The session ID is used only to recognize what the visitor has done during their visit to the store. This includes things like: whether the visitor has put something in their shopping basket, whether they have logged in, and allows them to proceed through checkout.

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