You can now earn Reward Points on your purchases from the Heresy Miniatures store! Each item tells you how many Reward Points it is worth, usually 1 Reward Point per £1.00 or part thereof. Sometimes special offers are applied and given items can be worth more Reward points than they normally are!

Reward points can be saved up and redeemed to earn discounts on orders. The current offers are:

100 points = 10% discount

150 points = 15% discount

200 points = 20% discount

500 points = 25% discount


At some point in the future, we will make available exclusive figures or suchlike that you can only purchase using Reward Points!


Please note that you must create a Customer Account and Log In when ordering to earn and keep Reward Points, if you use the COWOA (Checkout Without An Account) facility to place an order without having to log in, no record of Reward Points can be made or kept!

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