A selection of some of the emails we get from our customers (Names, email addresses etc withheld to protect privacy). We get a lot of these, and have never really thought to start collating them on one page, so we'll do it from now on to assure the rest of you that we exist only to provide the best customer service we can, dragon farces notwithstanding.



Date and Time:    Tue Dec 11 2012 17:40:55 GMT

From:    V Kivipelto
Email:  ***********@gmail.com


Cheers and happy arriving holidays!
Encouraged by your christmas campaign I ordered a small package from you - stuff I have long drooled after.
But I have to say that I didnt expect such fine figures and above else, such a fast service. I think I made the order this weekend and today my present arrived here, to snowy Finland. Heck, its quicker to order from you than from local shops!

So I show my humble gratitude for your slick service, fantastic figures and pleasant candy surprise.
I wish cheerful christmas time to the whole company!

One happy customer from Finland






Date and Time:    Mon Dec 3 2012 9:59:30 GMT

From:    S Rooney
Email:   ***********@hotmail.com


Hi Andy and team!

My parcel arrived in the mail today and I was seriously impressed to find that not only did it arrive quickly, but it included a hand written
thankyou, a sweet candy treat and of course my selected miniatures!

I would just like to leave my sincerest thanks to you and your team as not many people take the time to do that type of thing!

I wish you all the best!

Kind Regards,






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