You would not believe how badly Heresy has been hammered since Kickstarter launched. All those projects being run by big well-funded companies that don't need the money suck the hobby money out of people's Paypal accounts and leave none for us poor one-man shows that could really do with the cash! Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! So I'm taking the opportunity that is Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to pay for the silicon etc I ned to reproduce all the old big monsters that Heresy used to produce in metal before it got silly expensive a few years back.

Including the much sought after and rare Netherlord mk 1 in both winged and spined variants!

Yes, the most iconic of all heresy figures (other than Big Boris) is making a comeback, and all those of you who've pestered me over the years can finally have your chance to own one - with the big difference that this one is much, much easier to put together and much nicer to paint! I've tweaked it just enough so that you don't have to spend three weeks working out how to pin and assemble 30-odd parts - it's a beauty to put together now! But it eats the rubber moulds at three times the rate of regular models, so it's only available for a very limited time. Don't miss out, this will be your only chance to get that NetherLord you missed out on a few years back!

The main aim of the Kickstarter is to raise enough funds to be able to close the shop for a few months to concentrate on casting dragons and monsters or maybe hire some staff to speed things up, so be warned that if it's really successful, you might not be able to order anything via the shop for a bit... ;)

Click here to see the Heresy Kickstarter!



Last year, a man from Iowa City, let's call him Justin, ordered some figures off me. He then emailed me to say they hadn't arrived. I sent him another box. He then said this hadn't arrived either and claimed the money back from Paypal. No boxes were ever returned to me. He didn't pay for trackable shipping so i had no way to prove he'd had either box. End result, I was out over £100 of stock and £25 of shipping.

Now a man called, let's say, Patrick also from Iowa City, has claimed via Paypal that his £84 order hasn't arrived that he wanted in time for this weekend; he didn't pay for express shipping DESPITE WANTING IT FOR A SET DATE. Despite also the fact it's only been three weeks, he has escalated it to a claim on Paypal. Just checked him out on Facebook. Guess who's on his friends list? That's right, Justin.

So basically I'm being ripped off for another £100 of stock and shipping, and now I'm going to have to change the cart so that anyone from overseas has to pay the extra £7.00 shipping charge for trackable shipping. Everyone loses. Well done, Patrick and Justin. I hope you feel like powerful manly men playing with your stolen toys. You've made life that little bit worse for me and for all my customers.

(Paypal always finds in favour of buyers no matter what proof of shipping one has, they don't even read the evidence.)

I have now added a £7.00 handling fee to orders from 'Rest Of The World' countries, which covers USA, Canada, Australia and The Far East. This means any order from there will pay £7.00 extra which will cover the trackable/signed for service to their country. If you're one of my regular customers from over the years, I will refund the extra fee or give you extra miniatures towards the cost if you wish. I don't see why the people who've kept me in business should suffer for the ones who try to put me out of it.

Again, apologies for this, but it seems to be the times we live in now.

~Andy Foster


Heresy Miniatures Ltd






The site-wide 20%-off-all-metal-miniatures Sale ends this weekend! Automatically, at 12 midnight UK time - so don't miss out! Tell your friends if they're thinking of buying anything eg the massive gang deal, now is the time to save a lot of money!

There won't be another site-wide sale for a long, long time...


Also, I didn't realise i hadn't updated this News page since Salute. Sorry abotu that; the updates have at least been on the front page, and there's been tons of them on Facebook and Twitter!

Spread the word, Heretics! Make sure your friends don't miss out!



I'll be running a small kickstarter project in the next week or so to raise funds for a very special project - the resurrection of the much-requested, long out-of-production Winged NetherLord Mk 1!

This beast was a massively impressive, but utterly awful kit to put together in metal - 34 parts, and thanks to the vulcanised moulding process, a lot of those parts had changed size or shape by the time they were coming out of the production moulds and thus didn't quite fit together any more; fully assembling one was an act of heroism!
The resin version changes all that - I spent a month just prior to Salute in April fixing the original sculpt up and readying it for resin - it goes together like a dream now! But alas - it's still a mould-ripper and as such, I only get 1/3rd the normal number of resin castings out of a set of moulds that a less evil miniature would get. For that reason, I am limiting the availablility of the Winged NetherLords re-issue to the Kickstarter so that i know exactly how many I will need to produce.

More goodness yet, though: I will be using the Kickstarter to resurrect not only the NetherLord, but also the other bulky monsters from the Heresy range - everything from Manbane the Minotaur to the two Trolls, Hellbeasts and even the Deathball Ogres will be transferred to resin, where the smoother surface (no pitting and roughness from hot metal means much nicer to paint) and much fewer parts (eg The Snow Troll body and legs are one-piece as opposed to 5 separate bits!) and you won't even need to pin them! Also m,uch easier to convert in resin compared to metal!

There will be full details once the project goes live, at which time I will of course send the link out. There will be a limited number of Early Bird offers to get the initial funds I need to buy the silicon rubber and resin that I will need, so don't hesitate when the link comes through!

You can find me on Kickstarter now if you've linked your Facebook account to it (it's not a great site in that respect, not easy to link multiple social network accounts to it) my profile is at:


Still ploughing on with the Dragon, currently trying to cast as many of the smaller pieces up as I can whilst I await the rubber to make multiple copies of the larger components of the dragon. Going well! Remember, once the Dragon Queue is finally dealt with, that will be IT. I am not casting any more beyond that point, so if you've been hanging aroudn waiting for them to come into stock, you best not wait that much longer - once th equeue is done, IT"S DONE.

Remember to keep your email updated so I can contact you when your dragon is ready if you're in the queue! It may be different now to what it was 4 years ago, which is the one that's on file for your dragon!

More news soon...!

All the best

Andy Foster

Heresy Miniatures Ltd



Salute is upon us, and there's no way I can get everything (possibly anything) done unless I ignore the orders from now until after the show. So unfortunately, due to the immense workload, I am now not posting any orders out from Thursday 27th until April 15th 2014 at which point I'll have to catch up on the backlog. Man alive, how do I have so much work and yet no money to pay myself? It's daft.

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook etc for news of all the things I'm working on (large/bulky resin things for the most part) and when orders start shipping again...

If you're coming to the show, (April 12th London Excel Docklands), I have prepared a handy map to get you to the Heresy stand, for which I have adopted the attitude that certain big miniatures companies have towards the existence of us tiny independent ones:

Click for a bigger version

Further info on Salute here:

PS Shipped four dragons last week, more of thsoe after Salute too. Make sure I have your most recent email address to contact you with if you're in the queue!



For those blissfully unaware, the Dragon has been a millstone around Heresy's neck in the swimming pool of business for the last three or four years, due to to constant problems firstly with finishing the damn thing and then with getting production castings of it meaning that every time I made a promise it ended up being broken due to lack of Dragons to send out. This ended up with 170 people waiting for a Dragon at the point of time in writing.
The only way to fix this was to invest in the equipment and practice of casting the beast in resin myself, which I undertook to start in August 2013 and I have recently finally successfully cast the piece that was causing most problems - the torso, with spines fixed in place (after several re-modellings and faield attempts). This means the rest of the dragon is now just a matter  of moulding and casting. Because I am a one-man business these days, this means that to take the time to make the moulds and cast dragons I have to take time away from packing the regular orders.


But look at it this way, you won't have been waiting four years to get your frigging Dragon, like the people who have. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused in the intitial stages of this Dragon rescue operation that results in delays to your own non-Dragon orders. Once all the moulds are made and casting is a regular thing that I don't have to even think about it anymore because it's as natural to me as casting metal figures, there shouldn't be very much impact on the regular orders at all.

Until then, I'll keep the 20% discount in play so at least you're being compensated for any delays!

Please note, if you choose Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery, Airsure or International Signed For as your shipping options, that doesn't mean you get your order packed faster, unfortunately (unless you email me and tell me it's for some ultra urgent occasion) - but it does mean that once it IS shipped, it will arrive faster (except Recorded Delivery, that's still only as fast as Royal Mail's First Class service pretends to be)

All the best

Andy Foster

Heresy Miniatures Ltd

PS  When you place an order, you can check your customer account online to see if it has shipped yet - I will update the order status from "Paid For, Awaiting Packing" to "Shipped" when it has. Please allow some extra time due to the delays!

17th January 2014: SALE STILL STILL ON!

I have in fact caught up with the backlog of orders from the Christmas break, but now I have to take another week off to pay proper attention to the Dragon moulds again. Been ages since I've had the opportunity and money to try a new mould, so I'm doing that next week. I was doing this once a month or so before the Christmas gauntlet period began, and have been itching to get back to it. So with Salute fast approaching (12 weeks today until the big show!) I have one last chance to take a week to do Dragon stuff before I have to then spend my time casting stock of everything else, to take to the show...

So in summary: NO ORDERS SHIPPING THIS NEXT WEEK but you still get 20% off on any miniatures you order during this time.


6th January 2014: SALE STILL ON!

I'm back at work, there's a big pile of orders to get through, so until I've caught up I'm extending the 20% sale offer! I'll let you know nearer the time when it will now end! I suspect there's a good three or maybe four weeks of catching up to do... please bear with me whilst I work my way to your order, there's only one of me...

Happy New Year!



Heresy closes on Friday the 20th 2013 until January 6th 2014!




We wish all the customers who supported us by buying stuff this year the most merriest of all Christmases and happiest of all New Years!



These are the official dates supplied by Royal Mail, however, I'd recommend you get your orders in as soon as possible as they can be somewhat random. Best deduct a week extra from these for safety!

Be sure to watch out for a card from your local post office, they may ask you to pay customs charges for overseas customers. Sometimes they don't let you know they've got a parcel waiting - you should check with your local office if you don't hear anything within 3 weeks of the update from Heresy saying your parcel has shipped. Especially the USA, your lot are awful at letting you know that you have parcels waiting to be collected!

  International Airmail including
Airsure® and International Signed For™
Wednesday 4 December Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand
Thursday 5 December Australia
Friday 6 December Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
Monday 9 December Cyprus, Eastern Europe
Tuesday 10 December Canada, France, Greece, Poland
Friday 13 December USA
Saturday 14 December Western Europe (excluding France, Greece, Poland)
HM Forces Mail - British Forces Post Office
Friday 29 November Airmail to Operational BFPOs
Friday 13 December Airmail to Static BFPOs
UK Services  
  Inland Services
Wednesday 18 December 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For™
Friday 20 December 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For™
  Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed™


Heresy will be closed from Friday 20th December until January 6th 2014, for Christmas and New Year holidays.


25th October 2013


I'm looking for your input about which plastics I should make first, please vote now on this poll on the Forum Of Doom!


Dragon Update:

Things haven't been very successful so far, but my hopes remain unbowed. However, I have had to take a step away from the Dragon temporarily to try and sculpt some new figures to get some actual sales in - things have been dire the last few months and I need to raise some actual cash to pay the bills, as much as I'd love to do nothing but Dragon stuff it doesn't make ends meet! Don't worry, I will turn my attention back to it as soon I can, need to get this thing off my back!


30th September

We're back! I say 'we', I do of course mean 'I' as there's only me here due to everyone spending all their money on Kickstarters, and me not making any new figures due to this bloody Dragon. Spoeaking of which, slowly getting there but have run out of rubber. Buy something so I can order more rubber to finish making the moulds!



IT'S A DRAGON WEEK AGAIN! (UPDATE: This particular week has ended)

As part of the on-going attempt to get The Great Dragon Queue moving, this week (21st to 29th September) is one where we won't be shipping orders! We'll be spending the whole week making moulds of wings, legs, arms, etc instead.


Orders placed this week will begin shipping on September 30th!


SUNDAY, 1st September 2013

I have just finished packing the last of the Sale orders from the last 5 weeks, everything is thus now caught up with, havin gput in 12 hour days for the last 5 weeks I'm sort of glad!

The current batch of Sale offers will automatically end at midnight UK time tonight, that's in about 6.5 hours time from writing. Apologies to those who have been waiting for their order, the last 60 will ship on Monday afternoon (i.e. tomorrow), when I may be savagely murdered by the queue of car tax form-waving post office customers that will be held up for an hour and a bit whilst I get the parcels processed.

I'll be turning my attention back to the Dragon this coming week...

You will notice some of the large monsters and other kits on the shop now have warnings on them about going out of production in metal. In some cases this will happen sooner than others as the moulds are almost dead on those guys. Eventually they will be replaced with resin castings. Once the Dragon is sorted out, anyway...

All the best

Andy Foster




Although the dragon casting sabbatical didn't quite go as dreamily as hoped, (SEE POST BELOW) Andy learnt a lot of things and realised a few ways around some problems that he hadn't known existed and better ways to do things that he would have liked ot have known about a year or two ago before he embarked on cutting th edragon up in to tiny bits, thinking it woul dmake life easier.

Anyway, putting ol' scaley aside for the nonce, Andy is back at work  on the 'regular' orders that have accrued during the 3 week absence. Weirdly, there appears to be quite a lot of them for a changfe, and he's inundated with casting all the gangers, blights, goblins, minotaurs etc that everyone seemed to synchronise their efforts to order. He's hoping to catch up by the end of next week, but in the meantime the Sale prices will remain in force! Don't miss out on your chance to pay a lot less for a solid metal figure!

Apologies for the delay in sending out some of th eorders, if you're waiting for yours, rest assured it is forthcoming as soon as possible!

It is Bank Holiday Monday in the UK on the 26th, so no orders will be shipped that day.

All this stress has made Andy speak in the third person, too...


Andy Foster


A number of the larger monsters have now had their details updated to include a note about them being discontinued in metal at some point 'in the near future' at which time they will be transferred to resin. This will happen to some of them far sooner than others though, as it's a case of spincast moulds dying and not being replaced as much as anything else. Prime contenders are the oldest monsters such as Manbane, the Trolls and the large Ogres...

No need to panic yet, I've got way too much other stuff to do, but I thought it best to put the warnings on them well in advance of any changes!

Monsters page

AUGUST 19TH 2013


The question a lot of people are asking, hten: How many dragons did you manage to cast up in your intensive 3 week sojourn to the land of resin, Andy?

And the tragic answer is: none.

It's been a long three weeks. I've been in at 8am every day, and left after 10pm every night, including weekends. I've not seen anything of my wife, except to say good bye in the mornings and good night at bedtime. I haven't been slacking, put it that way.

The learning curve for resin production is extremely steep. There are fine nuances to absorb and understand. There are crazy 'pot life'  issues related to 'amount of stuff you want to use' that if you don't grasp straight away, it turns out will cost you a couple of hundred quid in lost materials. Whole jugs of resin soldified in a fraction of the time that the official pot life tells you (I even burnt my thumb on one batch, it set so fast that it gave out nearly enough heat to fry an egg) and at least two batchs of silicon that set mid-way through the vacuum process to remove bubbles. Even so, I think i'm about there for the basics of it, I know now that I shouldn't keep vaccing until the bubbles are gone because the resin or sillicon boils itself solid after a minute of vacuum. I know that whilst it's a great idea to spend hours gluing tiny bits of plastic rod to the end of each and every spike on the dragon's back and tail so that they all come out without bubbles, retrieving the said tiny bits of plastic rod form teh silicon after moulding can in fact cause damage to the mould thanks to the fragile nature of the rubber and the heavy-handed nature of forceps. I soon realised that making mould boxes out of plastic sheet is a stupid, time-consuming, messy and highly wasteful process that may be better served via using LEGO. (I ordered a stupidly expensive amount of LEGO to try to spped things up and it still hasn't arrived a week later.) Most importantly, I realised that the layers of scales on the dragon were not how they should be.

Basically, last year I spent several months of my spare time cutting up teh Dragon to get it ready for spincasting in the USA. By th etime I'd finished doing this,. the chap in the USA who was supposed to be doing it had run a successful Kickstarter campaign and was now far too busy to help out. Simialrly, the companies in the UK who I might normally have had the Dragon made via were liekwise engaged with Kickstarter-related work, and booked thorugh until 2014. I would have to do it myself. Thus, I purchased the equipment and tools I needed using the sale of my house for the funds, and took 3 weeks off to get sorted out.

Sadly, most of this time has been spent undoing the work I did to prep the Dragon parts for spincasting. Putting it back together means re-sculpting huge areas of scales, and one thign I learnt from my first four silicon moulds is that the blending between new putty and metal casting (I cast the dragon up in metal to provide non-movable parts for the process over the pond) was not good enough - the layers were utterly obvious when viewed in resin and thus the last four days of my time has been spent re-sculpting yet again, trying to make the dragon look wholly unsculpted, or at least as much as that's possible. I've also realised that because of size-related shrinkage issues it makes much more sense for the body, neck, tail and legs (well one leg) to be connected together in one large piece rather than have a neck that doesn't fit properly onto the body as a separate piece, so I've done that. This means that the five moulds I've made so far are 60% pointless - two can still be used but the other three are redundant now that I've made the decision to merge the larger parts. On the other hand, assuming I can make the mould successfully, which I am confident of, I will now need one mould where previously I would have needed nine. Fingers crossed that it does indeed work and that it doesn't lead to huge chunks of resin being discarded bedcause of a tiny air bubble on a spine...

So, at the end of the three alloted weeks, I find myself in need of another week off to get to the point I had hoped ot be at by the end of week one originally, with all th eparts sorted out and ready to mould. Sadly, I said that today was th eday when I'd sort out the orders that have accumulated over the 3 weeks, so now I'll be spending all of this week, 8am to 10pm, attending to those orders before I can get back to the Dragon again. At which point I may well take another week or two off.

Honestly, the frustration and pressure is immense. This Dragon nearly made me have a nervous breakdown at more than one point over the last year or two, and not getting a full dragon cast up by the end of what seemed like a large window of time has almost left me weeping with rage and frustration again. The sooner I get the Dragon out of th ewya, the sooner I can get back to making actual new figures for the first time in ages!

Keep up to date with the Dragon news by following me or the 'official' Heresy feeds on Twitter or Facebook (see the Contact Us page for details) and I'll let you know how things progress as and when they do.




Heresy Miniatures is temporarily closed whilst Andy gets to grips with making moulds for and casting up the Dragon in-house.  This is expected to take at least two or three weeks of dedicated work before he can return to filling the regular orders. This is why there is a big sale on. You can place an order, please do, indeed, but it won't be shipped yet. Sorry!

NO ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED UNTIL 19TH AUGUST 2013. They will then be packed and be shipped in order of receipt. This will mean unavoidable delays, for which we can only apologise. but that's why you're getting hefty discounts in the first place!

There is 20% off all the metal miniatures, and in some cases Special Offers are in place that give even more off! Ideal time to pick up that Complete Gang Deal or Blight Horde you've been thinking about getting!

All orders will be packed and shipped in order of receipt upon our return to normal duties... follow us on Twitter, Facebook, the FoD etc to keep up to date!

24th July 2013


...but only for two weeks or more starting Friday.  *wink*

I now have the two big pressure pots and vacuum chamber that I need for the resin casting process. I'll be ordering a few things today - foamed pvc, resin, silicon, elastic bands, etc to get the mould making process started. The pots need adapting - shelves inside, levelled off on stands and thus there is a good week or two's work just to make all the moulds etc before I can begin casting.

The only way to do it is to not send out orders for at least two weeks whilst I get set up! There will be a BIG SALE to cover the time I'm closed, possibly with a ludicrous discount attached. But do be aware that this means the your order won't be posted for at least 3 weeks and it will take me at least 2 further weeks afterwards to  catch up - this is a MASSIVE amount of work I'm about to undertake but I have no choice.

Once the resin moulds are working, I'll be coming in early and staying late every day until the task is done and the queue is sorted out. Even if I somehow manage to get 2 Dragons a day cast up, it would still take me 5 months to get clear!

There is a LOT of work ahead of me. A ridiculous amount. But I have a lot of promises to keep and no other way to keep them, so here we go!

Hopefully once things get moving I will be able to find the funds to get some more pots and speed things up.

So, from Friday, no orders will be posted, but there will be a big Sale to cover your delay. Stay tuned for details!

PS I would like to add a huge thanks to Jed Norton of Antenociti's Workshop who gave up a whole day yesterday to not only take me through the resin casting process stuff for the dragon, but also gave me a tutorial in how to get started with Google SketchUp, which may prove to be the most amazingly useful hour ever!

Sale details on Friday...

All the best

Andy Foster

12th May 2013

I'm back!

I have now finished packing the last of the 160 orders that piled up whilst I was away moving house. It's been a very long week, with a lot of late nights of casting and packing, but the task is now done and I'll be taking the last 60+ orders to the Post Office tomorrow, and begin updating all those orders statuses online - that process alone wil take a couple of days! (i have no internet access at home yet). Then I suppose I have to spend a few days doing my accounts before getting to the thing I've most been wanting to sink my teeth into - sorting out the Dragon queue! I will be spending the rest of my time from now until Christmas finding multiple new suppliers for the Dragon so that I can at last get all those models out of the dor. Can't wait to see the back of that queue!

Apologies again for the recent delays, especially to those of you who didn't seem to realise that when you pre-order models that aren't released until a certain date, your order doesn't get sent out until that date... rest assured that they are all on the way now!


Thanks for your patience and support as always,

Andy Foster

Heresy Miniatures Ltd


Monday, 29th April

Just a reminder - I'm moving house all this week and am not at work and with only sporadic internetz because I'm spending the entire time sorting through the last 7 years of collected items and 12 years of paperwork to throw out what I can prior to moving house on Friday morning. (Took me all weekend just to dismantle my sculpting room, still not quite done even after giving up on the contents of the primary desk top and employing the Sweeping Arm technique.)

This means I can't post any orders or answer emails. Apologies for the delays!
When I return to work next week, I'll be spending the following two weeks catching up with all the orders that have piled up, and then spending the next couple of months after that sorting out as much as I can of the Dragon - and trying to find a new helper!

Heresy will return!

Remember you can get free shipping worldwide on any order of £50 GBP equivalent or more in the meantime...

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by my absence!

All the best

Andy Foster
Heresy Miniatures Ltd


We are off to the Salute show in the Excel Centre, London Docklands, which takes place on Saturday the 20th of April. As result of this, no orders can be sent out from now until Tuesday  - and even then, things are going to get crazy, because it's back to being a one-man show for Andy, and he has to move house, so the next 2 or 3 weeks are mainly going to be spent packing the contents of his house up or unpacking at the other end, and not at work!

Please bear with us if there is any dealy to your order at this time, at the moment we're hoping things will get back to normal starting May 6th, althoguh there is an enormous pile of pre-orders to sort through as well, so it might take a couple fo weeks after that before things are running smoothly again...!

See you on Saturday at Salute if you're coming!


PS We'll be hanging around the bars of the various hotels at the Docklands site on the Friday night if you want to pop up and chat and can work out what we look like (Tired, probably). We're staying at the Ibis but don't know what the bar there is like so we might just hang around the Ramada with all the other minis companies manufacturers!


APRIL 2013


Not an April Fool's joke!

Sorry, everybody, but I've had to update the prices for my shipping costs to reflect the latest Royal Mail prices that come into force from tomorrow (today is a Bank Holiday). :ballandchain: They've changed a few categories, stuck extra prices on, and basically changed a lot of stuff for what seems like the sake of it. In theory it's all simpler, as there's less increments in the postage, but what it means is that you've got blanket prices for stuff that beforehand you would have paid a little extra per 20g increment. EG If you ordered 160g of stuff to go to Europe before, you would have paid the 160g rate. If you ordered 180g, you got the 180g rate. Now you get up to 250g flat rate, then 500g, then 750g, then 1kg, and so on. Same for the UK, but there you're dealing with up to 1kg, up to 2kgs, and up to 5kgs as a small parcel, so not a lot of options.

I'm not sure yet how this is going to work out, but I've left the £50 free worldwide standard shipping in place for the moment, so do take advantage of it - you're looking at around 10-15% saving on shipping costs!

March 2013


Workshop rent due on Monday. £500 short. Trying to finish some figures but somehow can't.


It's a flash sale! The next 25 people that order metal figures can get 20% off them by entering the code GIMME20%OFF into the shopping cart payment page when they order! Just order £10.00 or more of metal miniatures and enter the code to qualify. That's 20% off the listed price, on top of any existing offer!

And don't forget, you can also get free worldwide shipping if you order £50 or more of stuff, too!



January 2013

Free Shipping When You Spend £50.00 or more!

Place an order for anything worth a total of £50.00 (£GBP) or more (Or the equivalent in your currency of choice - you can change currencies using the option in the top left column) and your order can be sent via standard shipping for free! Simply choose the Fee Shipping option from those available when you place your order.

7th January 2013: We're back!

Hope you all had a great time over the last two weeks! Heresy Miniatures has now re-opened and your orders from the vacation period are being dealt with in order of receipt. Please bear with us whilst we catch up!


December 2012


By the Clanging Chimes of Doom!

We are now closed from December 21st 2012 until January 7th 2013.(I'll be using the time to try to get those Trooper 3-ups ready for a kickstarter campaign early next year) During this time, you can place any order with £10.00 of goods in and choose to have free standard shipping. All orders will be dealt with on our return in January, according to the number in which they were placed, regardless of what sort of shipping you've chosen! However, if you've opted for Express delivery, it will still turn up faster once posted, so it's still worth getting.

For the duration of the holidays, we are also doing DOUBLE REWARD POINTS (hit the link to get the info about those) on everything, and in addition to that, there'll be various one-day offers on random items (for instance 'the first ten people who enter this code get this figure for this price') during the holidays, so stay tuned! Keep checking in or, well, reading this newsletter when it arrives, to get the daily offers!

A Merry Christmas to all the customers who have supported Heresy this year, and a Happy New Year to boot!


Andy Foster

Heresy Miniatures Ltd


It's that most wonderful time of the year - the time off, in fact. Heresy will be closed, ie not packing & sending orders out, or answering the telephone and emails, from Friday the 21st December 2012 (Yes, the Mayans were counting down to the Heresy Christmas break all along) until Monday, January 7th, 2013.


I'll be hoping to use the time to work on those 3-ups on the Heresy plastics page and to put on a lot of weight from all the cakes I'm thinking of baking. I'll also be running several one-day special offers, 12 Days Of Christmas style,  so be sure to sign up to the Newsletter to get notification of each offer as it happens as some of them may be limited in number to the first 'x' amount of people, that sort of thing!

November 2012



Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2012

By the Clanging Chimes Of Doom!

Monday 10th December is the last official date the Royal mail says that parcels shipped by Airmail Small Packets to the USA will stand a chance of arriving before 25th December, and then Wednesday 12th is the last date for Europe!

Get your orders in this weekend, and I'll ensure they all go out before last collection on those dates. Also, you get to save 10% for this weekend as the (Dis)Countdown is on a temporary blip - the 10% ends Sunday night at midnight, UK time and then the countdown resumes, ending at 5% next week.

The best thing to do now to ensure your parcel arrives in good time is to pay for the Airsure shipping service, as this is the fastest and safest way of getting anything sent to you and cuts the normal delivery time down massively - to a few days compared to a couple of weeks in the case of the USA during normal mailing times...

If you live in 'The Rest Of The World' eg Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etc I'm afraid the last post dates for your country for regular mail have now passed, so the best chance you've got is Airsure if available to your country, or International Signed For if Airsure is not available. Even then we can't 100% guarantee it will turn up in time, that's up to the post offices, but fingers crossed...!

Heresy Miniatures Ltd will be officially closed from Friday, 21st December 2012, until Monday, January 7th 2013, so all last minute UK orders need to be placed by the Thursday night, or Friday morning at the latest, assuming we don't knock off early for the holidays.



October 2012

20% Off All Metal Miniatures - Sale now On!

Due to a series of big bills all coming in at once, and a general decline in sales because everyone has spent their money on Kickstarters by other firms this year, there is a big Sale going on! You can get 20% off the base price of all metal miniatures until further notice! I need to clear funds from the business card, cover the deposits for the big Salute show next year, buy a new boiler cos this one's been condemned, pay for a new larger mould tin to make Dragons with, and so on and so forth, so all your funds are going to be well-used! Hell, imight even pay myself for once!

Please note that due to the eccentricites of Zen Cart the 20% off everything cancels out the % off discounts for buying multiple purchases of individual packs for some reason. you can't 'stack' discounts apparently, but in most cases this isn't an issue as 20% off was the best discount available previously. Any problems give us a shout using the contact page.

As soon as the funds needed to cover the massive bills are garnered, the Sale ends, which in theory could be at any minute, so don't miss out!


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