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Dungeon Tiles

Dungeon tile work in progress mock-up

Above is a pic of the mock-up I am working on to test a design for interlocking dungeon tiles, to be produced in injection-moulded plastic.
Once this bit has been cast up a few times and had another layer of putty on each to make differing flagstones, It should work a bit like laminate flooring. My aim is that you could easily click them together and they'll stay in place. But you could also easily glue them in position and make whole rooms, which you then use an electric jigsaw to cut into whatever shape you like. However I'm also planning some walls and things if I can come up with a workable design that doesn't seem to have been built by a renaissance architect. Builder Imps are good, but all the flutes and columns and things seems a bit much.

I'll post some more pictures once I've got a few designs done and am happy that the locking mechansim works properly. My intention is to also make some dorrs and things, and maybe extend it to walls. Pit traps etc are in the mind-concept arena, I'm thinking they'd be best as lay-on markers or you'd have to either rip up the tiles you've already laid to put a specialist one in - or have a cunning hollowed out tile that looks a lot liek the other tiles but you can take out the top layer of tiling effect and replace it with an insert of spikes. Doesn't leave a lot of room for the locking recesses though. We'll see.

Troopers and Whatnots

So I've mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that I was working on 3-ups as a long-term project. Here's a few pics of the skeleton that I've done so far. Very basic, as it's purely for scale purposes, so no posing or anything interesting like that! Hopefully I'll be able to get this to a point where i can raise funds on Kickstarter or something to get them produced in plastic – Andy

Note that I'm adding new pictures onto the bottom of the page so you can see how it progresses, but if this is too much effort for some people, let me know and I'll have to edit this so that they run in newest-first order.

Skellington modelling a Trooper helmet
Skeletonus Trooperus

September 17th, 2012

managed to grab some sculptign time at the weekend, and have produced a set of legs for a Trooper and another skull. I decided I'd have to start again on the trooper torso and thoguht it would be a god idea to rough in some muscles so that i could get a good grip on how big the chest plate of the armour should be. Unfortunately, I got carried away and ended up sculpting something to use down the line for Dark Brethren Berserkers or Barbarian/Chaos Marauder reavers. It's all good.

Think the laces may cause problems for other leg poses due to the zero-tolerance for undercuts nature of injection plastic (unless you spend an even bigger fortune on slide core tooling for each individual part) may replace with sci-fi looking straps as per The Major

September 22nd.

I need to take some days off to do this. At the moment i seem to only get weekends and an hour or two at night occasionally, energy permitting... here's a few more updates. A new torso and two new heads. The torso is just the front half so far, thinking I may have to make it front and back halves, in order to get the head to join and have some leeway for posing. Otherwise I'd have to put about thirty heads all at fractionally different angles into the sprue(s). Personally, I'm tempted to just make heads moulded into position, I always think that too much multi-parting on plastics leads to inferior figures that look like a colleciton of bits. How many poses do you really need on a table top, anyway? Not that many, trust me. Anyway, we'll see how it goes as the project progresses and you give feedback!

This head has definitely got that 'Toy Soldiers' vibe going... His hair stops the helmet sitting right on the head but here's a pic anyway. Gone a bit Dredd, lol...

Beefy arm.

This head is the same size height and width ways as the first head, but for some reason looks massively bigger because the face has ended up a fraction larger - the eyes especially are much bigger than head 1. We shall see how it goes. Aiming for a face that looked like Cyborg from the now-defunct Teen Titans cartoon of around 2003-2008. At least the helmet fits better (ears are in the way at this point, though!)




After a week of sculpting, I've moved forward a little way but it's been a lot of revision work and second-guessing problems to come, A lot of re-sculpting and careful sanding has gone on and many things have been created and then abandoned when thigns didn't quite work out.

Troopers WIP

Troopers WIP

The face above, which is a bit Willem Dafoe like, replaces the face below, which was too big and made the head look like a 5-heads scale figure instead of 6.5 heads.

Troopers WIP



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