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This is a multi-part resin kit that will require the component parts to be washed in warm soapy water with a toothbrush before assembling and painting. Use Superglue to assemble it and fill gaps with modelling putty such as green stuff or procreate. It is not recommended for beginners or children. You may need to scrape away some slight flash or very minor mould lines as some of Madame's parts are really complicated to mould - nothing that should take more than 2 minutes per piece will be sent out, though. You should wear a dust mask if filing any resin models to avoid inhaling the dust.

Madame will be available once the Kickstarter pledges have been filled, and assuming the moulds hold out. She may be unavailable from time to time as new moulds are made - those tentacles really do rip the silicone up! Please be preprared to wait for your order if necessary - we will try to advise of any delays due to remoulding.

Includes a 120mm plastic oval base, but you may wish to get a larger one from somewhere for a better fit - that's the biggest we could get hold of!


The tale of the demon that is known as 'Madame' is a long and sordid one, filled with all the depths of venality, corruption, blackmail and greed that humans are capable of, and quite a bit that you might not have realised they were. Barely raised by an uncaring father who having killed her mother in a drunken argument then sold her on the streets as a child, the girl named Ursula could easily have been dead before she reached her twenties like so many other of the unwanted poor that populate the city of Deoraby in the mid-western kingdoms. Through sheer will and razor cunning, and using every means at her disposal to advance her station in life, be it her body, a knife, blackmail or murder, she firstly carved out a small empire for herself in the back streets of that lousy city, snaring noblemen and noblewomen alike like flies in her own web of brothels and taverns, and using leverage to garner wealth and power for herself via these callow men and women. With a network of street scum and paid assassins she rose from brothel owner to the court of Prince Merrick. All the while, her lust for money, wealth, lovers and above all power, always power brought her to the attention of the Dark Gods. It is not known precisely which demonic entity granted her her own supernatural existence, some say that she is unque amongst all tle creatuers of the Netherhells in that she has more than one Patron; others say she is a NetherLady in her own right and slept with the very Darkness itself to gain her Immortality. Whatever the truth, there is no greedier, grasping, cloying and more dangerous demon than Madame now. Still she seeks to twist those around her, and has lost all grasp on sanity, seeng all and sundry as her suitors or playthings, mutating them into abominations that she calls her Pretties, which infest her lairs and fight to the screaming, wriggling, vomiting death for their beloved Mistress. She is particularly fond of using her magicks to twist noble adventurers into Maggotpeople to maintain the stinking caverns she roams through in the Netherhells. She assumes the air of a joyful, creepy Aunt or  society  host, seemignly endlessly flattered by all the attention and crooning over her pretties, and any would-be suitors that might try to slay her in her lair....


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  • VICTOR D. - Feb 21, 2017
    Repulsive! Revolting! Hideous! - Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable! - the Madame Ner'Gabba miniature exudes all these superlatives (and many more ...) The detail is just incredible, and until I sat down and really looked at the parts, the sheer 'living' complexity of this miniature wasn't apparent. The miniature comes with a seemingly bewildering array of tentacle and leg parts, but once you've cleaned up the said parts AND REFERRED TO THE ASSEMBLY SEQUENCE ON HERESY'S WEBSITE (that's a very broad hint, it's highly useful and helpful), the actual assembly process is quite painless and the effort involved rewarded with one of THE last words in display/gaming miniatures. I cannot recommend this miniature enough - the price may seem steep but Madame is worth every single groat spent on her ...
  • Rob G. - Sep 30, 2016
    Glorious, hideous, beautiful, repulsive, all of it true. I've been waiting to get her in my hands since the first rough-out sketch/sculpt during the run of Heresy's Kickstarter and she is amazing. From the shear life like texture of her slug hind quarters, the cellulite of her belly and arms, to the insane amount of suckers on her head tentacles, and the rings on her fingers, the amount of detail is astounding. Masterfully crafted. An excellent centerpiece for any demonic army, the boss monster of an extensive table top campaign or just the unquestioned ruler of your display case. She is absolutely worth it in every way. I cannot express that enough. Go buy yours immediately, you'll not regret it once you have her in front of you. Seriously. Get two.
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