Ghoul King (Special Edition)

Ghoul King (Special Edition)


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Ghoul King (Special Edition)

There are two versions of this miniature - this one, with all the glorious, sickening detail dangling from it and a lovely rat familiar, and the 'Vanilla' version, which loses the rat and hides the Ghoul king's dangly details with a loin cloth (see HV025, in ghouls section)

Sculpted by Paul Muller. Multi-part metal kit - body, 2 heads, arms with bone club, arms with spade, corpse.

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  • Andre S. - Jan 11, 2018
    He's dead and looks like he means business, can be armed with either shovel or a very large femur. There is plenty of detail on the miniature from the insect crawling up his leg to growths that don't bare thinking about. Definitely a joy to paint, although a touch fiddly/ tight in places if you completely pre-assembled him beforehand.
Product 4/6