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Shipping or Extra Money For Pre-Ordered Dragon

Shipping or Extra Money For Pre-Ordered Dragon

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For those awesome people who paid a fraction of the price that the Dragon ended up costing Andy and feel they must chip in towards the difference after he lost his house etc.
Simply choose the amount you want/have to pay - so for £50, add 50 of this 'item' to the cart.  For £23.00, add 23 of this 'item'. 

This item will appear as 'Shipping or Extra Money For Pre-Ordered Dragon' so make sure you let us know what it is you're paying for using the 'Extra Information' text box below!

If you are paying for other items at the same time as this(or you already got your Dragon and want to pay something extra whilst you are ordering new stuff), please add the full amount for Dragon shipping as listed above e.g. £12.00 for UK Special Delivery, then pay for the shipping for the rest of your order as normal. Shipping is charged by weight, this item weighs nothing so the other items you order will be charged properly and sent separately if necessary. The dragon takes up a lot of box space.

If you are not ordering anything else, choose the 'Collect In Person' option (at time of writing this is called Collect At Salute, it might be 'Store Pick-Up' depending on how often the cart software updates and things get overwritten)) as this will give you free shipping on top of the amount you've paid here.

If you have already paid some amount towards shipping Andy will remind you of this when he emails you to check your address prior to shipping your Dragon.


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