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RESIN Goblin Archers (5 figures)
RESIN Goblin Archers (5 figures)
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N42 Neodymium Circular Disc Magnets: 5mm x 1.5mm (Pack of 10)

  • Model: MAGNETS 2.5/1.5/10
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N42 Neodymium Circular Disc Magnets: 5mm diameter x 1.5mm height (Pack of 10) (pack of 50 also available, click here)

These will fit the special bolt holes under the following plastic bases that we sell:

Base Size 32mm Round 40mm Square 60mm Round 120mm x 90mm Oval
No. Of Magnet Slots 1 1 1 3


Each of the bases has one bespoke magnet holding slot underneath. However, you can always glue more under them, without having to use the special slots, if you like (use putty to make a retainer by making a small ball of putty, put it onto the underside of the base, then push the magnet into it to form a nice surrounding support)!

The resin scenic bases that we sell (products to be added at time of writing as they are not finished yet) will also have holes that will take these magnets, unless otherwise noted.

  • Pack of 50
  • 5mm diameter x 1.5mm thick
  • Each magnet's north and south pole are on opposite 5mm diameter faces
  • Each magnet can support 0.46kg pull vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface
  • Excellent resistance to demagnetisation
  • Coated with three layers of nickel, copper and nickel to reduce corrosion and provide a smooth finish

These small neodymium disc magnets are just 1.5mm thick which makes them ideal for craft and model-making projects, commercially they are also commonly used in high-end packaging. They also have many uses in engineering and manufacturing where small size and maximum strength are required. Each magnet has a triple coating of nickel, copper and nickel again to prevent against corrosion. What's more, because of their resistance to demagnetisation they are ideal for creating a shock-absorbing or damping effect when used to repel other magnets.

Plating: Ni-Cu-Ni ( Nickel )
Material: NdFeB
Performance (Gauss): 2500
Vertical Pull (Kg): 0.46

WARNING: Magnets are not toys! They can be dangerous: they will damage electronic equipment if brought into contact, such as computer hard drives, smartphones, credit cards, etc. Keep away from Pacemakers, electronic equipment, fine mechanical equipment such as watches (internal mechanisms can become magnetised) and DO NOT SWALLOW. You can die if you swallow two of them as they can clamp together in your guts. Heresy Miniatures Ltd takes no responsibility for any damage to property or injury to yourself or others (keep them away from children!) caused by your careless mishandling or storage of magnets. By purchasing this product you agree that you have been made aware of the Health & Safety aspects of this item and use at your own risk.

We cannot accept returns on magnets if the magnets are damaged or demagnetised. Do not expose to temperatures of 80c or more, as this will demagnetise them. Neodymium magnets can break if dropped on the floor or if two magnets collide. Broken magnets are not covered by our Warranty and can therefore not be replaced. The surface coating of the magnets can flake or chip during improper use, especially when magnets are allowed to collide. Furthermore, it's possible that a thin layer of coating may be worn away due to constant handling.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 November, 2015.

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