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This is an Imperfect Dragon - it will have minor mould lines to clean and air bubbles that will need fixing

I currently have less than a dozen miscast Dragon parts that didn't meet the impossibly high standards of the original run of Dragon castings. As resin can't be recycled, and the imperfections are relatively minor (no more than ten minutes of work per affected part usually, and the mould lines are normally located out of main view, e.g. underneath the model when assembled) I am collating enough parts to make a whole dragon kit with as few imperfections as possible, for as long as I can get COMPLETE kits. Mould lines are caused by the two halves of a mould not quite aligning exactly during the casting process and can be easily fixed by scraping away the area with a scalpel or sanding tool and remodelling by carving or use of putty. Safety equipment should be worn when filing resin, to avoid inhaling dust.

Please only buy this kit if you are happy to repair and fill any imperfect components. (The standard is no worse than the 'perfect' quality for some companies, in all honesty!)

There are only 1 full set of moulds left for the wings, and 3 of the 4 sections are just about dead. (The silicon has become old and grips the resin, leading to details tearing or worse, snapped wings) Probably only 4 sets of wings left to come out of them in my judgment, maybe 5 or 6 at a push. They are too big and costly to remake easily, and the original master sculpts were destroyed during the original casting run 2013-2015 so they cannot be remoulded without resculpting the wings themselves, something I have no intention of doing currently. 

After no more wings are possible, any remaining chunks of dragon such as the rock, rear torso, front torso, arms, legs, head sections etc will be sold off individually so that people can make their own wings to fit.

UPDATE: At the time of writing, there are only 8 imperfect rear torso parts left - so that means there are a maximum of 8 Imperfect dragons that can be collated IF the wings all come out OK. The countdown to zero has now officially begun. I have added all 8 Dragons to the amount available so that it gives you an idea of how many might be left, but if the wing moulds crap out they will immediately be taken off the cart and you will have missed your chance. Meanwhile I am  casting these last 8 wing sets up 'to order', so it may take a day or two to put your dragon together.


Please add yourself to the 'Get Notifications' box on the side menu to be informed when the next Imperfect Dragon turns up if it is Sold Out.


There's a whole tale of woe attached to the Heresy Dragon, you can read it on the Dragon entry on Andy's Blog:

The Dragon is a large, multi-part polyurethane resin collector's model kit that requires filling, gluing and assorted modelling skills to assemble and complete. It is of course supplied unpainted and unassembled.

It is not for the inexperienced modeller.

It will never be available in metal, it is too big for that. 



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