Minor Fallen One (2002)

Minor Fallen One (2002)


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Minor Fallen One

Comes with Scythe and Sword options. Multi-part kit contains torso, two arms, head, tail and choice of two weapons.
Supplied unpainted and unassembled, as with all Heresy figures!


Sculpted by Andy Foster

We cast all our metal models on-site so don't worry if this appears to be out of stock - we will cast it up and your order will ship as normal!


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  • VICTOR D. - Sep 26, 2016
    Although this miniature wasn't quite as big as I thought it'd be, it nonetheless meets all the requirements for a great figure. Cast in multiple pieces, it is nicely detailed (and reminded me of Tim Curry from the film Legend - it's the horns, I think) and has a dynamic pose suggestive of aggressive motion. A moderate amount of work was required in the way of cleaning/preparation (mostly minor flash removal), and some careful filing then ensured a close fit for the joints (pinning is a good idea here). A choice of 2 weapons allows for varying tastes (or, if you're like me, buy 2 so you can have both ...), with the scythe weapon being especially impressive. Combine the Fallen Ones with some of the Hell Hounds to get a suitably diabolic huntsman with hounds ... This is a great value miniature, & highly recommended.
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