IMPERFECT GRADE Mucklegeet The Giant

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This is an IMPERFECT GRADE KIT. Please read carefully before purchasing as it will not be refunded on that basis.

  • Imperfect Grade resin kits contain one or more parts that have miscast.
  • Normally with Mucklegeet this is a small triangle of mould misalignment on the side of his belly that will need either flattening off or filling in with putty to match the rest of the belly and another patch on his left knee.
  • There may be a slight mould misalignment that needs a bit of scraping back and retexturing running around his upper legs and waist. This should take ten minutes work to fix, it would be considered acceptable by other companies; the downside to scraping it smooth is that the freshly scraped resin becomes a paler colour than the rest of the resin and simply looks unsightly; you won't notice it once undercoated!
  • There may be an air bubble on the top of the waist that has removed part of the fur or belt and needs sculpting in, and air bubbles under his feet that should be filled in.
  • Fur texture may have ripped out in the mould and need fixing. There may be mould misalignment along his axe, or the paladin's leg in his right hand may have been miscast 
  • Mucklegeet may be missing a tooth! (rare)

If you are unsure about your ability to fill in details or fix a minor mould alignment issue, please do not buy this kit. Imperfect Grade Kits are not recommended for inexperienced modellers.

Resin kits should be washed using warm soapy water and a toothbrush to remove any residue of moudl release, rinsed and dried before assembly. Gaps should be filled with modelling putty and the model primed using a suitable primer paint for plastics. If filing or sanding please wear a dust mask to prevent inhalation of resin dust.

Mucklegeet The Giant stands 180mm to the head, and is scoffing a terrified Paladin knight. He comes with a large oval base, 120mm by 90mm.
In the Netherhells universe, Giants range from 15 feet to 150 feet tall, though most are on the small end of the scale. It is said that the Titans, as the largest Giants are known, live in the mountains in the furthest corners of the world, where they slumber in deacdes-long sleep, waking only occasionally to feast on whatever creatures are nearest, be it a herd of Abominable Dire Sheep or some unfortunate settlement of people that built their new homes unknowingly close to a sleeping giant.
Most giants over the 20 feet tall mark are almost entirely driven by their immense hunger; the bigger they are, the less interest they have in schemes and plans, and the more likely they are to shove anything they come across in their mouths. Giants usually have ragged teeth; they break them on armour, for instance, but they grow back quickly  - and unevenly!

Sculpted by Andy Foster

Components: Body, waist, right foot, left foot, left arm with axe, right arm with dinner, plastic blank oval base 120mm x 90mm

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