NetherLord II (Winged Version) [PRE-ORDER]

NetherLord II (Winged Version) [PRE-ORDER]

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At last, the NetherLord II returns! When this beast was in metal he had to come in 36 parts and was a living nightmare to assemble and fill - now he's in smooth, super user-friendly resin, fewer parts and is a joy to assemble! Also you won't strain your arm as much trying to hold him to paint. This model was resurrected in resin as part of the Return Of The Monsters kickstarter project in 2014. In addition this new winged version was commissioned! The £150 price is an introductory one and may go up at any point once it has been determined how badly the model eats the moulds and raises costs. You will not be charged more if you have already paid for one before any price rise occurs.

Designed and sculpted by Andy Foster

Expert kit, not for children. not a toy. Supplied UNPAINTED and UNASSEMBLED like all our kits. Resin should be washed in warm soapy water just to remove any residue of mould release before assembly using superglue. Gaps should be filled with modelling putty. The model should be primed with paint suitable for plastic surfaces before painting.

This  model will ship around September 2018 after all Kickstarter backers have had theirs - the Kickstarter backers have been waiting since 2014 for this model to be finished and moulded, it's only fair that they get theirs first! After the 40-odd KS backer models have been cast regular customers will receive theirs. All orders will be filled by date of receipt, so to avoid delay order it now before the queue gets any bigger!


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