MK1 Netherlord's Netheraxe [RESIN]

MK1 Netherlord's Netheraxe [RESIN]

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This is the full, blank, one-piece version of the original Netherlord Mk I's massive battle axe from the early 2000's

This massive axe was designed for use with the old Netherlord (NL1) and is waaaaay too big for regular human-sized or even ogre-sized creatures to use. It is eminently suitable for any Chaos Giants or Greater Demon type models though! It's 3 inches long or so.

This is a polyurethane resin kit, although we use mould release agents that claim to be paintable it is advised to wash this model in warm soapy water with a toothbrush to remove any mould release residue, before priming with a paint suitable for plastic surfaces. If filing any resin models you should wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling resin dust.


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