Express Shipping And Your Country

If you are one of the people confused by the fact that the only shipping option available to various non-UK countries such as USA & Canada is the Express, Insured Shipping option "Tracked & Signed" for orders over £25 - it's thanks to Paypal. Sadly, Paypal, as part of their terms & conditions, absolutely insist that any item paid for by Paypal must be sent with tracking information to prove delivery. We have had several orders in the past where people have fraudulently claimed to have not received their order and got a refund from Paypal despite our proofs of shipping , stamped by the post office. Paypal simply aren't interested unless you have a proof of delivery (they don't even care if you send an empty box if you can just prove it was delivered) . The only way in the UK to get tracking information on items sent overseas is to pay a premium price to the post office for it. Therefore, any item immediately gains an extra £5.00 shipping cost to us, which we have to pass on, sadly.

On the plus side -

  • Firstly, we put extra figures in your order to offset the extra shipping cost so you aren't losing out (we still are - yay!)!
  • Secondly, your order is insured in case of loss and so can be replaced and resent
  • Thirdly, your order is trackable and you can know where it is and when it will arrive (USPS website is particularly handy for info for this)
  • Fourthly, your order will arrive within days instead of weeks - the Express service is MUCH faster than the regular airmail service. Let's say one to two weeks as opposed to two to four on average. Except New Zealand. You guys seem to have the most efficent post office in th eworld and parcels arrive ridiculously fast when sent via Express.

All in all, you get a really fast service and peace of mind that your order is at much less risk of being lost mid-Atlantic or in the dreaded US Customs office!

If you are ordering a HUGE amount, choose the Parcelforce courier option from the shipping options and your order should arrive within 4 days, anywhere in the world.

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