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You can get updates on the latest Heresy Miniatures news in a variety of ways!


Firstly you can sign up to either the newsletter from your customer account, or for specific updates simply choose the 'Notify me of updates' big green tick on any item page whilst logged in. Or you can sign up to our Yahoo! newsletter here.


Secondly, there's The Forum Of Doom - a very pleasant place to hang out where the rule is 'no Trolls' and not only do you get the Heresy updates, you also get news from our friends at Hasslefree Miniatures, Black Scorpion Miniatures and Fenris Games!

We have several Twitter accounts according to your taste!
If you want all of the Heresy news, plus a load of rants about real life, massive debts, dismay at TV shows, amusing jokes and whimsical pictures, follow @Heresy_Andy

If, however, you just want the pure Heresy Miniatures related news, ie stuff about the new releases, website updates, important news and NO amusing pictures, jokes etc, then follow @Heresy_Minis

And if you only want info regarding the Heresy Dragon, and NOTHING ELSE AT ALL, you can follow @TheHeresyDragon

Equally, there are two Facebook accounts you can choose to follow - if you just want the Heresy news, etc, go to the official Heresy Miniatures Ltd Facebook page here and click 'Like'

Or if you want to befriend the founder, Director, main Sculptor, etc,etc Andy Foster, then you can see his personal page here and beFriend him.

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